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Well, as you may have noticed by now, I have uploaded all the "official" scenarios for Realmz on the Scenarios Page(thanks Psion for hosting them for me). The other scenarios should begin to pop up as soon as I am able to find them. So once again, please stay tuned, and e-mail me if there is anything you would like to see on Flabio's Place.


Well, in today's update, I have fixed some of the links on the links page(sorry Jason) and have also updated a link to Wyvern's Book of Battle, the ultimate source for Realmz combat tips. The Wyvern is back! Also, I have received many e-mails lately from people concerning the fact that most of the links on my scenarios page do not work(thanks Mary, Lance, and others). This is because I have not have enough time to update the scenarios onto my page yet. All I can say that they will be coming along "soon" along with some other updates. Stay tuned ;)


It seems that Dark Towers of Elquillor could only be played with Realmz 5.0. Well, have no fear! I have updated Dark Towers, so that it is now Realmz 7+ compatible. Also, I have edited some of the graphics to match the new plains tiles in use since v.7.0. So please, go to the Scenarios Page, and check it out!


What's this? An update?!? Yes, today I have uploaded the latest scenario, The Dark Towers of Elquillor by the author Nicholas Vanhoucke. Please go to the Scenarios Page and check it out!


Today I have uploaded version 2.0.3 of Lord of the Abyss. This version makes numerous bug fixes, and tones down some of the NPCs. Also, v.1.0 of Dark Portal has been released! Chek it out!


Today I uploaded a new icon for the upcomming scenario The Shadowmaster. I have also updated Simon Christensen's(the author of The Shadowmaster) e-mail address. Sorry for any inconviniences that the old address might have caused!


Remember the old cicns from Realmz 2.0? They sure were ugly! Well, for your viewing pleasure, I have "digitally re-mastered" 20 of the cicns from Realmz v.2.0.1. Also, more cicns are in the works everyday, so I'll let you all know whenever I add some new cicns to the file. So please, check out my Digitally Re-Mastered cicns from the Files Page.


Today I uploaded the new Mithril Vault scenario! Read all about it on the Info page, then download it from the Scenarios page.


Realmz is coming to Windows. Yes, it is finally going to happen after all these years of darkly whispered rumors and hints from Fantasoft. This has been confirmed by many sources, and according to Tim Philips( the author of Realmz ) this Windows compatible version of Realmz will be released this month! This will be Realmz v.7.0. This may mean many exciting developements for Realmz, including a whole bunch of new Realmzmen and women. Whether scenarios and files, created for Realmz 6.0, will be compatible with the Windows version is yet to be seen.

Also, Fantasoft should be releasing Realmz version 6.2.4 in the next couple of days. This version will fix many bugs that were introduced into Realmz due to this conversion to Windows, especially those bugs that concern music playing in Realmz. This version will once again support custom Dungeons. If that weren't enough, Mithril Vault will probably be released at the same time as Realmz 6.2.4 as well.


Well, today I posted a new interview on the Interviews Page. This interview is with the rambling dwarf, Balin himself! Also, there are a couple of new rumors and news in the Info Page, so check it out!


The scenario HAX is undergoing it's final stages of beta-testing. Hopefully it will be released soon, so stay tuned to the info page for any release dates.


The new Flabio's Place goes on the web! Woohoo!