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Interview with Simon Christensen
Interview conducted with scenario author Simon Christensen(also known as Spectre) on 8/2/99.

Flabs: Hello Spectre

Spectre: Hello Flabio.

Flabs: So, tell me, how long have you been playing Realmz?

Spectre: Well, I'm not sure, but Quite a while. I got Realmz off a MacFormat CD at version 2.0, and was hooked.

Flabs: Doh. That was my next question...

Spectre: Sorry.

Flabs: Okay, so, tell me Spectre, how many scenarios have you written and what are their titles?

Spectre: Currently, only one. It is Titled Lord of the Abyss. I'm in the process of writing a second.

Flabs: Ahhh. Can you tell our readers a little about this "second" scenario?

Spectre: Certainly. It is titled 'The Shadowmaster.' It is set in the same place as Lord of the Abyss, but 500 years later.

Flabs: Ooooh

Spectre: The culture is very similar to that of Ancient China, and the main ruling body in the Land is the Empire of Mentara, which spans over most of the continent. At the time the band arrives in Mythilos, Mentara's Capital, a war has begun on the eastern front against a tribe of Orcs. There is something else behind it, possibly one of the Shadowlords, and the party must find out what it is.

Flabs: Wow, that was a long reply ;)

Spectre: ;)

Flabs: Can you tell us any special feature about this upcomming scenario?

Spectre: Well, it is in the preliminary stages, but I can tell you that the player will have the option to deal in food, meaning that the Characters starve if they have no rations. Also, there may be seperate endings, which depending on your actions... sort of like an 'Alignment' scale... Ever played Jedi Knight?

Flabs: Yeah. Sounds pretty ambitious!

Spectre: It is, but I hope to get Tim to add in some extra helping codes.

Flabs: Ahhh. So, where do you get all your inspiration for writing these scenarios?

Spectre: Everywhere. I get it from Books, Videos, Music, and everyday things. For an inspirational Read, Try Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time.

Flabs: Will do. Hey, look who's here! It's Thyrr!

(Thyrr joins chat)

Spectre: Hi, Thyrr.

Flabis: Greetings Thyrr, we are currently conducting an interview of the scenario author Spectre. Do you have any questions for our guest?

Thyrr: Yeah. How did you find out about Realmz, Sprectre?

Spectre: I found it in an old MacFormat CD... v2.0 it was...

Flabs: Let's take turns asking questions.

Flabs: Spectre, what is your favorite thing about Realmz?

Spectre: That would have to be it's playtability. It is very easily personalised and customised

Flabs: Ahhh. Back to you, Thyrr.

Thyrr: When did you first hear about the product we so often call 'Divinity'? How did you feel when you realized that you would have the power to create scenarios for a great game as Realmz?

Spectre: Well, I'd always thought that a scenario editor would be great, so when I saw it on the Fantasoft Website, I ordered straight away.

Flabs: How did you find out about the Divinity Guild?

Spectre: Off the Fantasoft Website, of course.

Flabs: Okay, one more question before we end the interview. If you could change one thing about Realmz, it would be?

Spectre: It's graphics are starting to look a bit tired. Get rid of the Plains and Underworld Tileset, and get a new icon for the Party.

Flabs: Well, that's all the time we have for today folks. Thank you for your time, Spectre!

Spectre: You're welcome.

Flabs: Come again!

-----End Interview-----