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Interview with Pierre Vachon
Interview conducted with scenario author Pierre Vachon(also known as Psion) on 8/3/99.

Flabs: Hello Psion

Psion: Hello, Flabio ole chap ;-)

Flabs: Thank you for coming to the interview today.

Psion: Well, glad to be here, and get the chance finally to chat with you, friend Flabio! ;-)

Flabs: I'm sure all our readers are familiar with your great scenario, Trouble in the Sword Lands

Psion: Well, I dunno if it is great ... but I accept the compliment (blushblushblush)

Flabs: Can you tell our readers a little about the Sword Lands Trilogy? What makes it so great?

Psion: Again, I dunno about it being great or anything ... The gist of it is, I've been DMing (AD&D) for years, and had made up my own world campaign (Anarym) ... and when Divinity came out, I figured: hey! Why not try to incorporate some of it in Realmz (with me being a Realmz fan and all ....)....

Psion: So ... I came up with a story which would start in Realmz, and end in Anarym ... all the while using both Realmz and Anarym backgrounds (ie. Bywater and the Lankharan empire, and the Keryndhorians, etc.)

< < Some stuff about AD&D > >

Flabs: Ahem, so, when did you first find out about Realmz?

Psion: Back in 1995, while I was doing my post-doc in San Diego. I was on a PC before (yewk!) and when I got there, it was all in Mac ... and fell in love with the system. Then I got to know the internet ... and found Realmz 3.2.x ... and I was done for ;-)

Flabs: What hooked you onto Realmz?

Psion: The AD&D style, and the "nuts &bolts" aspects of character development ... Tim has the money quite right when he says "no color bars fer me!" ... that's how I feel about RPG games as well ;-)

Flabs: Hehe.

Psion: Also, I just love the expandibility of the game (with scenarios being added on and on)... no need to buy a different game each time! I love and adore this idea of scenario add-ons ...

Flabs: Yeah.

Flabs: Hmmm, out of questions...

Flabs: Maybe Thyrr will want to join our chat. That okay with you?

Psion: My soul has nothing to fear from such a good and honoranble paladin ;-)

Flabs: Okay =)

< < contacting Thyrr... > >

< < contacting Thyrr... > >

< < contacting Thyrr... > >

Flabs: Hmmm, Thyrr seems to be somewhere off fighting evil.

Flabs: Maybe ShadowFox can join...

< < contacting ShadowFox... > >

(ShadowFox joins chat)

ShadowFox: Hey Flabio.

Psion: Hey ShadowFox!

Psion: just call me Pete LOL

ShadowFox: Hey Pete =)

Flabs: Greetings ShadowFox. We are currently conducting an interview with the scenario author Pierre Vhachon.

< < ShadowFox chats with Psion for a while, then leaves WITHOUT asking any questions > >

Flabs: Doh.

Psion: well ... how about: how come is you damn Trilogy a damn trilogy? Why not make it in one story or two? Huh? Huh?

Flabs: Dunno...

Psion: I was proposing a question ... ROFLOL

Flabs: Go ahead then, answer it then!

Psion: Answer: well .... I dunno .... (ROFLOL)

Flabs: LOL

Psion: Seriously though ... it is that big, sadly enough (either that, or I have no inkling as to how one should tighten up a story LOL)

Flabs: AHA! Bless me luck!

< < contacting Jesse... > >

(Jesse joins chat)

Psion: Hey Jesse! ;-)))))

Jesse: hi. =)

Flabs: Greetings Jesse, we are currently conducting an interview with scenario author Pierre Vachon. Any questions?

Jesse: Psion, when did you get Divinity in your mailbox?

Psion: I got Divinity in November 1997, about the time it went out. I began coding for TiSL in Feb 1998 ....

Jesse: Wow. Long time user!

Jesse: When (if) you get "Divinity Blocks" what do you do to break them?

Flabs: (Ooooh, good question)

Psion: Blocks ... well, I just "get away" from the scenario and do other things, all the while mulling things over ... and soon enough: BAM! The Muses hit ye once more! ;-)

(ShadowFox re-enters chat)

ShadowFox: Hello everyone

Psion: Hey ShadowFox ;-)

Flabs: Hey again Shadow.

< < contacting Thyrr... > >

Flabs: It appears that Thyrr can take a few moments off from fighting evil to chat with us.

(Thyrr joins chat)

Thyrr: Hello Everyone, can't stay long.

Psion: Ye Gods! Tis be him in flesh and blood: Thyrr!

Thyrr: You can also call me Ensign Yu.

Flabs: Greetings, Thyrr. We are conducting an interview with scenario author Pierre Vachon. Do you have any questions to ask our quest?

Thyrr: Hrm. Not really.

Psion: LOL!!

< < Insert a whole bunch of chaotic chatting, here > >

Flabs: Okay, let me ask one more question before I end this interview. If you could change one thing about Realmz, what would it be?

Psion: At least better 3D-dungeon looks with more stuff in them (chairs, thrones, tables, etc.)

Flabs: Okay. Thank you for you time, Psion.

Psion: And thank you ;-)

-----End Interview-----