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Interview with Jesse Rechel
Interview conducted with scenario author Jesse Rechel on 8/2/99

Flabs: Hello Jesse

Jesse: Hi =)

Flabs: Thanks for being interviewed today

Jesse: No problem. My first one ever.

Flabs: Cool. This is my second =)

Flabs: So tell me, when did you start playing Realmz?

Jesse: I first found Realmz on a NautilusCD from a Macworld magazine.

Flabs: Ahhh. What version?

Jesse: 2.x.x I think.

Flabs: *Nod* Okay, so tell our readers about the scenarios you have written.

Jesse: Well, Spires of Steel was my first one. I started planning that one before I got Divinity in my mail box. It took me about six months to complete it. No one registered it, but that's ok. :)

Jesse: Flames of Ardora is the one I am working on now

Flabs: How did you come up with the sci-fi theme for Spires of Steel?

Jesse: I wanted to do something really different than the usuall fantasy history just for fun.

Flabs: Ahhh. So can you tell us anything about your upcoming scenario, Flames of Ardora?

Jesse: I can tell you that it has three custom tile sets in it, and I am trying to focus on exploration and interaction with the scenario. It's quite large, and it was started last summer, but the plot changed about three times until I hit this one, which I really like.

Flabs: Heh. Where do you draw your inspiration for your scenarios?

Jesse: I probably get most of my ideas from books that I read. Other times, they just show up suddenly and ask if they can be used. Other scenarios inspire me as well.

Flabs: I also hear you are quite the artist(Jesse does a lot of artwork in Bryce) where did you learn to create such masterpieces?

Jesse: Yes, Bryce would have to be my favourite. Well, I started out on my old LC 575 in claris works drawing little things in paint docs. I've always had an interest in 3D art using computers. I guess it kinda progressed.

Flabs: Cool.

Flabs: So, when did you find out about Divinity? How did you feel?

Jesse: I can't remember exactly, but I do know that I recieved it in the mail in April 98, so maybe March 98.

Jesse: I felt fine.:)

Flabs: =)

Flabs: So when/where did you hear about the Divinity Guild?

Jesse: I saw that on Fantasoft's page, so I joined. It's been a great help over the months, and it has had many interesting topics covered.

Flabs: Yeah, tell me about it =)

Flabs: Okay, one more question before we end this interview.

Flabs: If you could change one thing about Realmz, what would you change?

Jesse: Does that include Divinity?

Flabs: Yeah, sure.

Jesse: The only thing I would change is the 100 AP limit. I find that sometimes I need more than 100 AP's.

Flabs: Yeah me too. Thank you for your time Jesse.

Jesse: And thank you for the interview.

-----End Interview-----